1. Can I save money by putting the poles in myself?
    Yes! As long as you follow our guidelines for hole depth and pole size.
  2. Does NT Shade Provide building permits and certification?
    Yes! All our our shade structures are built to code and come certified. Chris holds a current and updated self-certifiaction ticket. In Darwin all shade sails should be certified and comply with current regulations, Chris can ensure that your shade cloth complies.
  3. Do you charge for quotes?
    No. We will come and do a free measure and quote. We are happy to help design your shade structure needs.
  4. Generally how long does it take to get an order started?
    We usually get jobs completed between 2-3 weeks.
  5. What sort of warranty to you offer?
    For residential jobs we use Rainbow Shade which comes with a 10 year warranty and our thread now comes with a life-time warranty. We offer 2 year warranty on workmanship.


If you want to put the poles in yourself, please contact us before you start. We are more than happy to give you all the advice you need to complete the job propoerly.

Town Planning

There are Government and Council requirements for how close your shade structure can be to a boundary. Each job  varies according to the guidelines, depending on whether it is residential or commercial. NT Shade are more than happy to assist with the requirements.