Meet the team

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We’re very pleased to introduce you to Nadeem Khan!

Nadeem’s a born and bred Territorian who is almost part of the furniture here at NT Shade – in fact he’s been with us for over 10 years.  He loves the laid back, outdoor lifestyle in the Top End, which he enjoys with his three kids - Keith, Dean and Maya.

Nadeem is a qualified motor trimmer; his typical day at work involves sewing together shade sail panels to create custom-made beautiful shades for residencies, businesses and organisations right throughout the Northern Territory.  He particularly loves the challenge of making large shade sails for big commercial jobs.  Nice work Nadeem!

Nadeem’s tip for anyone looking to install a shade sail: “Make sure you ask questions and take advice from the person who is making your shade!”  What’s on Nadeem’s bucket list?  “To go overseas again”.