We source all our steel from local suppliers. You can choose to have your poles;

  • Standard Duragal
  • Powder Coated – select from a wide colour range to match your envrionment
  • Hot-tipped Galvanised – best protection from rusting and ageing

Our standard pole profile  Duragal 100mm x 100mm x 4mm SHS (Square Hollow Section), lengths can vary, usually around 3500mm to 4500mm. However, once again this can be custom designed too.

Attachement Points

Attachments on the poles generally consist of stainless steel eye bolts, these are bolted to the top of the pole.

Attaching to the dwelling is generally achieved in one of two ways:

  • Sail Track – track is screwed directly to the fascia and bond beam allowing the shade cloth to slide directly onto the dwelling
  • Roof Brackets – brackets are attached directly to the roof of the house

Footing size and cement

All our holes are a minimum of 1000mm x 450mm for a shade sail. For waterproof shades the hole sizes need to be larger, depth varies on the size of the structure. Our cement mixture is usually 20/20 mix, which can either be made DIY from home with a mixer or order through any of the local cement companies.