Rubber Soft Fall

Why do you need softfall rubber?

It’s mandatory: The Australian Standards for Playground Equipment state that an impact absorbing surface is required under all playground equipment over 60cm high.  Softfall in the Northern Territory can be rubber softfall or sand. The thickness of the softfall is determined by several elements, the main one being the "Critical Fall Height, CFH." At the completion of all Softfall Rubber jobs NT Shade will issue you with a Certificate of Compliance that ensures your rubber surface is compliant with the Australian Standards.

It looks great and is easy to maintain:  Here at NT Shade we work with you to create a beautiful, imaginative design with colours and patterns that represents who are you and what you love.  We can incorporate logos, icons and custom designed patterns.  We use a technique that ensures the best longevity of rubber softfall in the NT and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Rubber Softfall has three components:


A hard, compacted subbase is required as it is a critical layer for longevity of the rubber.


Shock pads get laid underneath the rubber topcoat. These are critical to the fall height of the equipment. NT Shade uses an A1 Aero Shock Pad system, which is independently factory tested to the current Australian Standard and comes with a Certificate of Compliance.

Rubber Topcoat

The rubber top layer is troweled over the shock pads and comes in a variety of products. In Australia, the two most commonly used types of rubber are a new manufactured rubber (EDPM and TPV) or a recycled one (CSBR).

EDPM - stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. There are a number of companies who supply this. The important factors in choosing an EDPM is the quality of the product and knowing where the product was manufactured. Here at NT Shade we source our EDPM from APT Asia Pacific. who meet Australian Safety Standards, and provide a high quality, low maintenance, non-toxic EDPM rubber.

TPV – stands for Thermoplastic Vulcanised Rubber.  NT Shade source Rosehill TPV from Surface Designs as it is a premium quality, durable, non-allergenic and non-toxic rubber product.

CSBR - stands for Coloured Styrene-Butadiene Rubber. At NT Shade we source our CSBR from A1 Rubber as they provide a high quality product recycled from used Australian Car Tyres.  A1 Rubber are number one In Rubber Upcycling, lessening the impact on the environment, reducing landfill and producing more economically responsible products.